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Samsung Electronics

How can we align a company's scattered business portfolio and product line-up with its core brand value and deliver persuasively?

Samsung Electronics, Global Marketing Center
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CES is recognised as the world's most influential tech/IT event, where global tech companies unveil all the cutting edge technologies and products.

In 2020, Samsung Group not only participated in the exhibition on a massive scale across various business divisions, but also was in charge of the pre-keynote of the entire event, which drew significant attention from global media and industry insiders.

The goal of Samsung's participation was to reinforce its industry leadership by presenting a vision and innovative solutions that responded to the constantly evolving needs of consumers and the era.

For more than 50 years, CES® has served as a global platform for companies to share innovative technology with the world.

In 2020, CES hosted 4419 exhibiting companies across more than 2.9 million net square feet and attracted a total attendance of 171,268, including 6,517 members of media.


Samsung's business portfolio is vast and diverse, including a wide range of products and services. But at the level of the cutting-edge technology industry, having such a wide range of products and business portfolios can sometimes lead to the perception of a lack of expertise.

This could be an invisible fatal obstacle to the brand's next leap forward.

Samsung Group has 59 affiliates and is considered one of the most diversified business portfolios in the world.

Samsung's business portfolio covers everything from mobile to semiconductors, shipbuilding, TV & display, construction, robots, security software, kitchen appliances to wireless cleaners.


if the company can effectively showcase how each business portfolios fit into a cohesive overall strategy that delivers value to customers, Running numerous businesses that seem unrelated to one another can actually be a unique value proposition and expertise of a company.

Once we break down the criteria that define the product and business area and realign the landscape to be centered on the user experience, the diverse business lineups provided by Samsung can be the most distinctive strength for an integrated, all-connected, seamless consumer experience.

"We declare 'The Age of Experience'
a decade of human-centric innovation that seamlessly combines hardware and software
to create personalized experiences that make life more convenient, more enjoyable,
and more meaningful"


Under the theme of the age of experience, Samsung declared its new vision in connection with all the business areas it had developed so far.

New innovative products and techs, as well as on/offline keynotes and exhibition experiences, were all consistently designed and implemented under one solid theme.

Coordinated and managed all the interests and conflicts among countless business units, external partners and guests, and internal stakeholders.

Under a clear theme and purpose, systematically planned, produced, and enforced all the PR messages and dozens of brand content and aligned the audience's experiences as a whole.

Present human value forward not tecnology itself.