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Samsung Global Branding System
& Governance Management

System Design
Samsung Electronics
2019 - 2021

What systems do we need to build to provide a consistent brand experience at the global level?

Samsung Electronics, Semiconductor Division
Professional, Collaborative
Scope of Work
Project Management, Strategy Planning
Contributed as a project/account manager throughout the process of project development and action strategy planning from project proposal bidding
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Samsung has more than 300,000 employees worldwide and hundreds of offices and sales stores in more than 200 countries around the world. The amount of on/offline branded content produced at each of those touch points is countless.


In order to create a consistent brand identity, the tone and quality of all the contents, experiences, and voices under the brand had to be unified.

However, it was not consistently managed because local office managers had to deal with the situation case by case based on individual competencies and limited resources. As a result, overlapping mistakes and cacophony were repeated.

Confusion and inefficiency were inevitable at both the headquarters and the local office.


Guide systems aimed at achieving efficiency and order can ironically lead to increased confusion and complexity, if not properly implemented and managed

Simply creating and distributing a brand guide for employees is not enough to manage the vast array of touch-points and stakeholders on a global scale. A systemic solution that appears efficient and stable from a centralised perspective may ultimately lead to confusion and inefficiency due to the complex interactions of various stakeholders at the periphery.

"It is crucial to recognise that the design system is merely a tool to achieve the intended purpose, rather than the purpose itself. "


Developing and managing systems and protocols for content production and brand communication reflecting regional/contextual specificity.

Establishing and operating a dedicated organisation in the headquarter to support/manage and respond to the above processes and results.

Producing and distributing flexible master-brand playbook(guideline) and system that reflects global consistency and regional specificity.